Savage Arms Updates 10/110 BA Rifles with NEW Stealth Precision Line-Up

    Stealth Precision

    Most of us likely remember the original Savage Arms 10/110 BA which was discontinued. Monstrous in size. Monstrous in price. It was notably accurate, but the sheer weight, size, and price tag definitely hindered the popularity of the model. Savage Arms did not give up on the BA series of rifles though. They were just going back to the drawing board. The new result is the 10/110 BA Stealth Precision rifle line-up.

    Stealth Precision

    The original, but now discontinued 110 BA in .338 Lapua Magnum

    The new 10/110 BA Stealth Precision rifles are offered in 4 calibers: 6.5 Creedmoor, .308 Winchester, .300 Winchester Magnum, and .338 Lapua Magnum. Two calibers dedicated for the short-action 10 BA, and two for the long-action 110 BA.

    For those unfamiliar with the Savage Arms rifle numbering system, any short-action caliber receives a 2-digit model name while long-action calibers get a 3-digit designation.

    The short- and long-action models have a lot in common, but they do have some small differences as well.

    10 BA Stealth, Precision (Short-Action)

    • 5/8″x24 TPI Threaded Barrel w/ Thread Protector
    • Evolution Gun Works (EGW) One-Piece Scope Rail
    • Fab Defense GL-SHOCK 6-Position, Shock-Absorbing Buttstock w/ Adjustable Cheek Piece

    110 BA Stealth, Precision (Long-Action)

    • 5/8″x24 TPI Threaded Barrel w/ Muzzle Brake
    • Drake One-Piece Scope Rail
    • Fab Defense GLR-16 6-Position Buttstock w/ Adjustable Cheek Piece

    The BA Stealth, Precision series has a lot of what tactical shooters are looking for in a rifle nowadays. Savage Arms expanded on what exactly went into the process of building this new rifle:

    Savage teamed with Drake Associates to expand this “BA” line of long-range chassis rifles. The new Model 10/110 BA Stealth features a factory-blueprinted Model 10/110 barreled action mated to a custom version of the Drake Hunter/Stalker monolithic chassis, which has been enhanced to Savage’s specifications. A similar Savage/Drake combination recently took first place for a National Guard Team and 8th place overall at the 2015 U.S. Army International Sniper Competition.

    This is definitely a rifle I would like to take to the range and see what it can truly do. It has all the makings of what should be a top-notch shooting platform.

    You can view a specification rundown on the Savage Arms website here:

    The short-action calibers are currently MSRP’ed around $1,200 while the long-action models flutter from $1,400 – $1,600. That sounds like a lot, but it is still almost $1,000 cheaper than the previous models.

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