The Real Glock 1911: The Alchemy Arms Spectre

    Reddit user Mr_U_N_Owen posted the very first “Glock” 1911 that was offered for sale, the Alchemy Arms Spectre. It appears the .45 ACP pistol is more Glock than 1911 with what looks like a Glock 21 barrel and recoil spring, Glock slide lock, and XS Sights Big Dots perched on top of the curiously Glock like slide.

    The Alchemy Arms Spectre features a slide stop where a 1911 shooter would find it natrual as well as a thumb safety. I wish I could say that the beavertail grip safety was the most off feature on this ugly duckling, but that award would have to go to the bike lock shoved into the bottom of the grip. What were they thinking? Wow.

    Unsurprisingly the Spectre was a commercial flop in the early to mid-2000’s. With an MSRP of $799 when they were still being produced, there was literally no good reason to choose one even with a slogan like “the safest pistol on the market.” Surprisingly there was five different trim levels offered, Standard Issue, Service Grade, Service Grade Commander, Titanium Edition, and Titanium Edition Commander.

    As much as I like weird handguns, this one might be a bit much for me. Ick.

    Click here for the post on Reddit or click here for the Wikipedia article.


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