New Gear: Nikon Monarch 7i VR Rangefinder

    Nikon VR Rangefinder

    Nikon Sport Optics announced a new laser rangefinder the company is calling “revolutionary.” The new Monarch 7i VR incorporates vibration reduction (VR) technology into the unit to compensate for the human body’s normal small movements that can hinder a clear view of your target.

    Nikon Sport Optics is part of the Nikon family that includes the professional cameras and lenses that have used VR technology for years. Although I am a Canon guy, I’ve used pro Nikon gear extensively in the past. The VR technology built into its photography gear is very effective, so I have high expectations for its implementation in the Monarch 7i VR.

    If you’ve ever had to brace a rangefinder against a tree or other solid object to get it perfectly still for a long range, then you know how the normal, small movements in the body (especially if combined with wind, too much coffee or other circumstances) can impact getting a quick range – especially on a moving target. This unit aims to eliminate the need for external bracing.

    This unit has a 6x optic and is said to provide measurements in about 0.5 seconds. It has an effective measurement range of 8-1,000 yards with display measurements down to 0.1 yard increments. The onboard computer also compensates for shooting angles (uphill and downhill.) The MSRP of this unit is $399.95.

    Richard Johnson

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