Davinci Arms Bambino .22 Silencer

    There is a reason that first-time suppressor buyers get advised to buy a rimfire model in front of other calibers. With the right ammo, a good .22LR silencer can make you feel like a silent shooter from the movies. It is also the first time that you will realize how much fun shooting can be when you are able to skip the earplugs. Do we need any more rimfire suppressors in the industry? Absolutely. Say hello to the Bambino from Davinci Arms; the latest rimfire can to hit the market.

    The Bambino comes in two flavors – regular and light weight (LW). While the original is made from materials that can withstand a variety of rimfire cartridges, the LW sheds to ounces of weight from where it matters the most: the end of your barrel.


    Credit: Davinci Arms

    To make cleaning easier, a must with rimfire silencers, the Baffle stack is comprised of encapsulated stepped cones – with a twist (see below). This means the residue left behind can’t make its way between the outer tube and the baffles. Specifications and prices are below.

    The Bambino suppressor is our extra rugged rim fire offering created from an evolution of our baffle technology developed during a Navy SBIR research grant. The Bambino is built from a very robust 17-4PH stainless steel baffle stack with a 416ss mount and end cap allowing it to withstand whatever abuse you will throw its way. Our baffles nest together to make removal for cleaning simple as the stack is separated from the outer tube. Our patent pending retention and take down tool guarantees the suppressor will not come apart when you go to disassemble it from the firearm. Should you decide you want to check out your suppressor while your on the range you have your take down tool built right in to the retention cap.

    Davinci Arms Bambino @TFB

    Davinci Arms Bambino @TFB Credit: SilencerShop

    Davinci Arms Bambino @TFB Credit: SilencerShop

    Davinci Arms Bambino @TFB Credit: SilencerShop

    • Calibers: 17 HMR, 22 LR, 22 WMR, 5.7x28mm FULL AUTO RATED
    • Reduction: 114.2 dB (Savage TRR-SR, CCI SV 22 LR Ammo, measured per MIL-STD-1474D)
    • Materials: 17-4 Stainless Steel Baffles, 416SS mount, end cap, and retention tool, 7075-T6 tube
    • Finish: Melonite & Hard Coat Anodizing per MIL-A-8625 Type III Class 2
    • Weight: 6.0oz
    • Length: 5.5″
    • Diameter: 1″ Body, 1.15″ Retention Cap
    • Thread: 1/2-28

    Credit: Davinci Arms


    MSRP: $399

    Street: $340

    Bambino LW (.22LR ONLY)

    MSRP: $349

    Street: $299

    Now, about those stepped cones ‘with a twist’: In an interesting coincidence, two weeks ago we ran a story featuring some neat silencer patents, one of which turned out to be from Davinci’s parent company FloDesign:


    From FloDesign:

    A new company, DaVinci Arms LLC, has been spun off from FloDesign Inc, of Wilbraham, MA. DaVinci Arms LLC will commercialize a firearm sound suppressor design the company developed under a contract with the US Marines over a period of nearly seven years. According to Joe Salvador, Director of New Product Development, DaVinci Arms will also design and manufacture compensators, flash hiders, hand rails and other firearm accessories in addition to the suppressors. Initially to be located at the parent facility in Wilbraham, DaVinci Arms is investigating relocation to accommodate expansion of the machine shop area.

    The DaVinci Arms suppressor uses similar technologies to prior FloDesign products. The company specializes in fluid dynamics and acoustics as evidenced by hush kits for aircraft, shrouded wind turbines and water turbines, and use of acoustic waves for filtration. The hush kits and wind and water turbines use patented mixer ejector technology to achieve higher performance with lower noise. The suppressor, also referred to as a silencer, incorporates what the company refers to as ‘modified mixer-ejector technology’ (MMET) to reduce the sound, recoil and flash associated with a firearm discharge. The new design allows for larger clearances between the projectile and the baffle bore, decreasing the likelihood of an internal strike. The integral version developed for the Marines provides industry leading levels of suppression in a rugged, maintainable, always-ready package. A video of this version in action during an endurance run is available online. The detachable version provides suppression equal to or better than the competition.

    I’m looking forward to seeing what Davinci Arms has in store for suppressing other platforms.


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