AR-15 Jammed By Bee

    We have all been out at the range enjoying a nice afternoon with our AR-15 when BAM, your rifle jams. Most of the time these malfunctions are pretty standard, but Youtube user AregularGuy experienced a malfunction caused by an entirely unexpected source.

    A bee. While at a training class the shooter encountered a wandering bee that found its way into the chamber. Needless to say, this screwed up his drill a bit, watching him run through his remedial action drills was nothing short of frustrating.

    As the other shooters were finishing their drill, the man behind the rifle runs into serious issues and spends far longer than I expected to try to get the rifle to run. Eventually, the instructor steps in and tells him to take the rifle apart to diagnose the issue more effectively. Once the rifle is broken down, they quickly spot a bee smashed into the locking lugs preventing the bolt from locking properly. If your range day has to be cut short, at least it was cut short in an interesting manner.

    Take a look at the video below. I wasn’t able to spot the bee on the way into the rifle; maybe you will have better luck.