New Gear: Kinetic Concealment’s CompRail System


    Kinetic Concealment launched a new product called the CompRail System. The CompRail System is an optic mounting platform for pistols that uses the handgun accessory rail. The idea is to allow for the placement of a red dot style sight without the need for machining the slide.

    Developed for the competition market, the CompRail System could also work for other shooters who are looking for an inexpensive way to add an optic. The platform seems very affordable at $25.95. A slide machined to take a RMR or similar optic will cost you much more.

    Currently, the CompRail System is designed to work with:

    • 1911 style pistols with a rail
    • SIG SAUER P250
    • Smith & Wesson M&P (full size, all calibers)
    • Smith & Wesson M&P (compact, all calibers)
    • Beretta 92
    • Beretta 96

    It is possible that the system will work with other guns such as the SIG P320. However, the company cautions that the unit attaches to the pistol with two hex head bolts, so sub compact pistols with a single rail slot will not work with the CompRail System.


    Once attached to the gun, the unit gives you a 2.25″ length of Picatinny rail to mount your optic of choice. Kinetic Concealment states the system has been tested with calibers up to .45 ACP.

    Kinetic Concealment got its start making hybrid holsters. Since then, the company has expanded its catalog to include other accessories such as lasers, lights, sights and knives.

    Richard Johnson

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