Whiskey Two-Four Hook & Look Duty Belt & Molle Adapters

    Whiskey Two Four, a company primarily known for paintball oriented products, has released a nifty belt adapter that makes the duty belt, even more duty-ready. The new system includes two components which when mated together use hook and loop to attach a molle-compatible webbing section to a duty belt.

    The first component is the Laser Cut Ultralight Belt Adapter, which is an offshoot of their “loopanywhere” product. The Outer Belt Adapter uses Velcro USA One-Wrap, optimized for 1.5″ belts (but can fit up to 2.25″). The base adapter is 36″ long and can be easily cut to length with common scissors. Retail pricing for the belt adapter is $20 and know you can get it in any color, so long as the color is black. 


    The second component is the Laser Cut Modular panel, which features the hook side of the hook and loop for easy attachment to the belt. The panels are available in 6 column belt panels and a longer 14 column. Unlike the adapter, the panel is available in a variety of colors including grey, green, OD, tan, black, blue, and a red. The panels retail for $62 and $31 for the 14 column and 6 column panels, respectively.


    Those interested in Whiskey Two-Four can check out their website. They are a cheeky company with an entertaining website. Their web address is www.WTFIDEA.com

    Nathan S

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