Shield’s RMS, A Really-Low Profile “Reflex, Mini-Sight”

    It has often been a question of mine why the various supposedly low-profile red-dots have always typically required suppressor-height sights for co-witnessing. The whole point of the low-profile set-up and slide-melding is to reduce the height of the dot, but few companies truly take advantage of it.


    Recognizing the potential utility of a mini red-dot on a handgun is the UK-based company, Shield. They have released their latest mini red dot sight, the RMS, which is conveniently known as “Reflex, Mini-Sight”. The RMS is designed to take advantage of slide melding and is so low-profile that standard height sights can be used to co-witness with the optic.


    Further, the sight is designed to not require the rear sight at all. Those looking for a standard sight picture will find the built-in rear irons to be welcome feature. However, those looking to keep their standard sights and just add in the potential for a red-dot will also enjoy the sight, as no re-training will be required to get up and running. MPRMS-Bat-Out

    The RMS is available in two configurations, a 4 MOA red-dot and an 8 MOA version. Sheild states its “tough enough to handle the harshest recoil” and manufactured from aerospace grade aluminum. The optic features automatic brightness adjustment and a quick-release side-accessible battery drawer keeping the optic zeroed for battery changes.



    Retail is set at 319 GBP, or about $397 USD. They are available for order now. 

    Color me very interested in one of these. With the easy change battery, it may just convert me to breaking away from the large-dot fiber optic sights I typically have mounted on my handguns.


    Nathan S

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