Ukranian Malyuk rifle Developments at ADEX 2016

    ADEX is the Azerbaijan International Defense Exhibition held in the capitol of Baku, Azerbaijan. Ukraine came out with the 7.62x39mm (Also 5.45×39 but not at the show) Malyuk. Essentially the rifle is an AK74 or AKM in the guise of a bullpup, much like many of the experimental bullpup conversions in the United States and Russia, but this one is actually being adopted by certain elements of the Ukrainian military.


    Earlier on TFB we published some information that the Malyuk was working its way through trials and prototypes. Currently it appears that a third caliber was added to the rifle (5.56x45mm), a suppressor system (two different variants), has passed military trials, and has had 200 units ordered by the Ukrainian military. In addition, full production seems to be starting, with a commercial variant that might be sold outside the Ukraine as well.


    It doesn’t appear that the three calibers can be converted to another, just that the rifle is made with the one. Previously it didn’t look like the Malyuk could be ambidextrous, but currently, similar to the Tavor, the charging handle can be switched to the right side if need be. It looks like the rifle is being equipped with either EoTech or Aimpoint holographic sights.



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