NEW: Aim Rack ‘Em Up AR500 Target System

    Intelligent Target Systems has a slogan that neatly summarizes their newest addition to their product line: “We don’t always know what you’re up to…but we know what you’re up against.” And while the premise behind their slogan is simple – and true – not every industry business out there follows it. Basically, it means it takes a gun guy to know what other gun guys need. Keeping this in mind, companies should have experienced shooters designing their products. Furthermore, those shooters should be well-versed in the specific area of shooting they’re working in whether shotguns, handguns, hunting, or self-defense. In the case of Intelligent Target Systems’ new Air Rack ‘Em Up system, if you’re a rifle shooter with an interest in long-range shooting, you should take a closer look at these targets.

    The Air Rack ‘Em Up Plate Rack is a remote-controlled plate rack reset system. The raised stand is designed to hold six plates of either 4″ or 6″ in diameter; the 4″ plates offer the option of adjustable arm height. According to the company those AR500 plates can be changed with significant speed, which means you won’t sacrifice much trigger time to swapping out plates. As you’d expect, the plates sit in a row. Perhaps best of all, though, is the method by which they’re reset.

    This target system is called the Remote Controlled Drive System and is sold separately from the plate system itself. The drive is powered by a high-torque reversible DC drive motor which is, in turn, driven by a rechargeable battery. The battery in question is a 12vdc 20 Amp Hour rechargeable gel cell battery pack. Changing it out is quick and easy. Of course, you won’t need to recharge it often since it’s listed as being good for up to 500 target resets before it needs to be recharged. The Remote-Controlled Drive System comes with two Instructor Remote Controls (IRCs) with a range of up to 500 yards. Range can be as much as 1.5 miles when used with the optional high-gain transceiver/antenna. The company notes that range is RF background noise dependent. This drive system has a Signal Processor Unit that enables it to be calibrated to any compatible plate rack with a simple adjustment.

    Rack ‘Em Up Plate Rack MSRP $650.00 plus $35.00 Shipping and Handling*

    Remote Controlled Drive System MSRP $650.00 plus $125.00 Shipping and Handling*

    * According to the company, shipping and handling will be waived if you order both pieces for a complete system (at the same time, of course).

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