Standard Manufacturing Now Sells AR-15 Parts

    Not too long ago we announced that Standard Manufacturing expanded their AR-15 line with their new model C STD-15 rifle. While the name is chuckle-worthy, the rifle itself looks to be a solid option for shooters that are looking for a left handed rifle. Standard seems to be pushing hard on the AR-15 front with their recent announcements.

    In addition to the STD series of rifles, Standard makes the DP12 shotgun as well. The DP-12 has been covered rather well by just about every firearms new outfit on the planet thanks to its double barrel, pump action design. It appears that since I last looked at the Standard website they have added both red AND blue snakeskin finishes. Awesome.

    What is exciting is that Standard will now be offering AR-15 parts much like DPMS and Stag already do. Looking at their prices, they seem to be rather competitive compared to other retailers. While we might scoff at the new parts source now, in several months when the whole industry is on its head that extra source for parts is really going to make a lot of builders quite happy.

    You can check the selection of AR-15 parts out by visiting their web page HERE, MSRP for the parts start at $8.50 and go up to $165 for a 10″ Keymod rail.