New Wilson Combat X-TAC Elite Carry Comp

    Looking back over posts we have made about Wilson Combat introducing new products it sure seems that they are bringing new things out faster than they can sell them! Truth of the matter is that they are probably selling everything they make and hardly able to keep up with demand. After all, that is the nature of the gun industry right now.

    Wilson Combat has added a new model that is more like a variation of an existing model, the X-TAC Carry Comp. The new variation of the X-TAC features a new single chamber compensator on the end of the already superb X-TAC that Richard covered at length, you can read about it HERE. The Carry Comp version is going to be available in 9mm and .45 ACP. The list of features on the base model is as follows:

    • Compact Size Carbon Steel Frame
    • Unique X-TAC Frontstrap/Mainspring Housing Treatment
    • Bullet Proof® Round Butt Magazine Well
    • Concealment Bullet Proof® Beavertail Grip Safety
    • 3 ½# – 4 ½# Crisp Trigger Pull
    • Bullet Proof® Magazine Release
    • Black G10 Slant Pattern Grips with Pewter Medallions
    • Torx Head Grip Screws
    • Countersunk Slide Stop
    • 4″ Carbon Steel Slide
    • Unique X-TAC Rear Cocking Serrataion Treatment on Slide
    • Heavy Machine Chamfer on Bottom of Slide
    • Battlesight with Fiber Optic Front Sight
    • 4″ Stainless Match Grade Compensated Barrel, Hand Fit
    • Fluted Chamber
    • 30 LPI Slide Top Serrations
    • 40 LPI Serrated Rear of Slide
    • Carry Cuts/Ball Endmills Cuts

    Personally, I love a compensator on a pistol and if it is a carry comp, all the better. The trend of using a comp isn’t new by any means, but it seems that the renewed interest in adding a loudener to the end of your carry gun has seen quite a bit of an uptick lately.

    You can learn more about the Wilson Combat X-TAC Carry Comp by visiting their website HERE, they list the MSRP as starting at $3850.