New: B&T APC9 SD – Suppressed carbine in 9×19 mm

    B&T from Switzerland is a relatively small but highly innovative company.

    Their line of 9×19 mm SMGs and semi-automatic carbines is ever developing.

    Yes, there is also a .45 APC but I presume the sales are very low.

    When I visited the factory last year, only the very observant could what was in development and we were not allowed to take any pictures. The new APC9 is called APC9-SD (BT-36024). SD is short for the German term Schalldämpfer, Sound Silencer or Suppressor.

    Full details aren’t know at the moment. Instead I will quote H&K’s website on their MP5 SD and highlight what’s of interest in the design:

    “Despite its integrated silencer element, it has the same length and shape as an unsilenced submachine gun. Unlike most conventional silenced submachine guns, it fires standard ammunition types with the same effect. The use of special subsonic ammunition is not necessary. The integrated silencer element suppresses the muzzle flash extremely effectively, as a result of which the weapon is also excellent for night operations using low-light amplifiers.

    This means you can take any 9×19 mm, not only a subsonic round, and the integrated suppressor will remove most of the sound and flash. Very Special Ops.

    I’m pretty confident that the design of the APC9 SD barrel and suppressor and the MP5 SD are similar.

    APC9 SD rechts_resize

    The carbine fires from a close bolt blow back system. Magazines are available in 15, 20, 25 and 30 rounds, all translucent and polymer. The primary sight is an Aimpoint Micro TL, with a very clever secondary iron sight with co-witness.


    The APC9 product line. The new APC9-SD is in there as well:


    In comparison, a B&T APC9 with the shortest barrel available. Telescopic stock, which is very nice to use, collapsed.


    Same carbine, with the stock extended.


    B&T 30 round magazines with hollow point and subsonic loads in 9×19 mm.


    The B&T APC9 “Suomi“, with fixed (pinned) suppressor and telescopic stock (non-standard).

    For more information about the different stocks, check the previous TFB article.

    Of course, all these stocks are available for the new SD version as well.

    It would be interesting to see how the new APC9 SD would compare to the “Suomi” version?


    B&Ts line of hunting suppressors is called TIGER.


    And the more exclusive GRS and Rotex lines.


    APC9 on the test range in Thun, Switzerland.


    Production of lowers inside the Swiss factory.



    B&T factory and R&D in Thun, Switzerland.


    Apart from the APC9, B&T manufacturers everything from small pistol-PDWs, sniper rifles and grenade launchers.


    Eric B

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