Browning ProSilver SR59 Safe

    Browning Gun Safe

    Browning announced a new gun safe that it is selling called the Silver SR59. This safe is in the company’s ProSteel line and is a tall, extra wide model. The safe is 72″ tall, 56″ wide and 25″ deep. The company states it has a total long gun capacity of 59 firearms, though that depends on the gun sizes. For example, 59 Ruger 10/22 rifles are doable, but I wouldn’t expect to you would be able to squeeze very many Barrett Model 82 rifles in there.

    The company has an organization system called the DPX Storage System and Axis adjustable shelves. These help to manage all of the guns and other gear you want to store. If you are stacking pistols in the safe, it can definitely hold more than 59 total guns.

    These safes are made in the United States and use 11 gauge steel for the body. The door is 1 11/16″ thick with an 10 gauge inner plate. All four sides of the door have 1.25″ chrome locking bolts. A mechanical lock is standard and both electronic and biometric locks are optional.

    Browning opted to include fire resistance in this safe. The company rates the safe’s fire resistance at 1680˚ F for 100 minutes.

    According to the company, the suggested retail price starts at $4,249 and goes up to $4,999 depending on options added.

    Note: I am using the term “safe” in this article as the common use term, not the technical term used when describing a specific level of locking box security.

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