US Special Forces Ultimax LMG

    Thanks to my friend Irfan for sending this photo to me. The photo is a bit confusing. The camo is Navy AOR1 which is typically the camo of choice for Navy Seals. However due to the helmet and plate carrier design, as well as the American Flag patch on the chest, the person in the photo is actually Special Forces. The chest rig is called SFLCS (SF Load Carrier System).

    According to Irfan,

    I found out that socom is having a tender for a new SAW. To replace what they have now. Apparently it’s between 2 companies. The Singapore ST kinetics ultimax mk 4 and a similiar model that’s made by a former army sf guy. Apparently they’ve been using the SAW for quite awhile instead of the m249


    A few months ago I got a chance to use an Ultimax 2000. There are only a handful of these that were imported into the US and in Dealer’s hands. My friend Scott has two of them. This one can take AR15 magazines. The Ultimax bolt floats on guide rods and never slams back into the receiver so there is hardly any recoil. Also you can see how easy it is and steady it is to shoot.


    Here is a video of Scott shooting his MK3 with Ultimax Drum.


    Here is another demonstration with a unorthodox firing grip.

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