DX Korea 2016- Modified K2C1 rifle, Korean Corner Shot

    Defense Exposition Korea 2016 was recently held in Seoul and the company S&T Motiv (former Daewoo Precision) showcased some of their latest products.

    The current South Korean infantry rifle is the select fire, gas operated 5.56x45mm K2, with a collapsable carbine, the K2C. DX Korea showcased their K2C1, an updated variant. The K2C1 has a longer barrel, and a redesigned forend. In addition it looks like the rifle has an Aimpoint opitc on it. Whether or not these rifles were ordered for the military with the optics I do no know. But the Korean military is currently using the K2 without any optical sights, probably one of the last of the more modern and technologically advanced militaries to continue doing so. From Jane’s-

    The K2C1 – which is being produced in the short (305 mm) and long barrelled (465 mm) models – features a quad-rail type MIL-STD-1913 Picatinny rail barrel shroud which replaces the polymer grip found on the original K2. This adds a further length of rail on top of the receiver to form a full-length rail along the top of the receiver for precision optics and other tactical accessories, although the front and rear sight units have been retained. The original weapon’s folding buttstock has also been replaced by a five-position AR-15 style adjustable stock that can be similarly folded to the right of the receiver.

    The long barrelled K2C1 is longer and heavier at 1014 mm with the buttstock fully extended and 3.68 kg without the magazine, while the short barrelled model has an overall length of 854 mm and weighs 3.3 kg. In contrast, the original K2 assault rifle is 980 mm long and weighs 3.37 kg unloaded.


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    The second item is the S&T Motiv version of the Israeli Corner Shot system, the Korea Special Purpose Weapon (KSPW). Just like the Israeli product, this is designed to allow a shooter to shoot around doors and corners while using a contraption that places a handgun in a sort of swinging arm and using a video camera to show the shooter what is going on with at the muzzle, while they are safely behind cover. Then, the shooter can swing the module back into a frontal position so traditional shooting can take place. However unlike Corner Shot, it looks like the contraption can support the 5.56x45mm K1A. From Jane’s-

    The KSPW is typically outfitted with the S&T Motiv 9 mm calibre K5 automatic pistol, which is remotely triggered via a solenoid, although it can be adapted for use on other popular 9 mm pistols. The company’s 2.87 kg K1A 5.56×45 mm calibre short assault rifle (although it classifies the weapon as a sub-machine gun) can be fitted if greater firepower is required, and is capable of a single, three-round burst, or fully automatic fire at a rate of up to 900 rds/min.

    The gun carriage module – which is also equipped with a camera and tactical flashlight – can be offset to the left or right by 60° to observe or engage targets located around an obstacle via an adjustable 800×480 pixel resolution LCD monitor without exposing the operator to hostile fire. Unlike the Israeli design, the ADD has stated that the KSPW features an active pixel sensor and a laser target designator that enables rapid target acquisition and aiming.

    S&T Motiv’s assistant manager for public relations Shawn An told IHS Jane’s that development of the latest KSPW design was completed in 2015 and the KSPW is production ready, although an order from the government has yet to materialise due to funding shortfalls.


    This is an infomercial about S&T Motiv’s product line up from their website-


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