Bullpup 2016: News from Faxon Firearms

    Faxon Firearms had several new items and a number of older ones to showcase at Bullpup 2016 this year. Most people probably know of Faxon for their ARAK rifle, a combination of AR15 and Kalashnikov platform designs but Faxon probably does more business with making barrels and AR15 parts than experimenting with new weapon systems.

    This is their pencil thin barrel coming in at 14.5 inches, the muzzle brake makes up the remaining 1.5 inches when it is pinned in place, to make it legal. In addition, the muzzle brake is so thin, the gas block can fit directly over it when installed.

    DSC02388 DSC02392 DSC02394 DSC02395

    Of course, what would be a Faxon Booth without their ARAK right? The company had this model on hand, set up for competition, and painted with a Flying Tigers themed paint scheme.


    Faxon recently acquired the AR company Houlding, out of Madera, California. Houlding makes upper and lower receivers, in addition to complete rifles. Faxon will keep the Houlding name, but the company is currently apart of Faxon.


    Faxon is currently working on Carbon Fiber handguards, similar to what they worked on with Lancer Systems. Right now the company is putting together a handguard that locks into the upper receiver better than their previous system. In addition these Carbon Fiber handguards are fully MLOK compatible. The handguard will be $349.

    DSC02402 DSC02404 DSC02408 DSC02409

    This is their Muzzlelok system. The point of this system is to allow you to install any compensator you want, without needing crush washers or shim to adjust the position of the compensator on the barrel. Thus, screw your compensator on to the required spot you want it at, then rotate the Muzzlelok counter clock wise and it locks the compensator in place. Retail is $69.99. Another version of it also acts as a thread protector if you are running suppressors as well.


    A lower, by other means. This is Faxon’s reduced weight stripped upper receiver. They’ve hollowed out the brass deflector, and hand lapped the inside of the receiver. Doing this tends to raise the price of the upper, but Faxon is bringing this to market for a price tag of around $130 for a complete one, and $99 for the stripped ones pictured.

    DSC02413 DSC02414 DSC02415 DSC02416


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