Let’s Go Fishing – Bring Your Suppressed Glock

    Discharging a firearm underwater is loud – very loud. So when a group of divers and spear fisherman took to the waters off the west coast of Florida to do some “fishing”, they quickly decided that they were going to need some suppression to protect their hearing. The blast from their 9mm Glock pistol was painful even for divers positioned a good distance away from the shooter.

    As explained in the first video, standard “in air” suppressors aren’t effective under water. Obviously water is a lot more dense than air, so trying to contain the blast of a firearm within a suppressors baffles is not a viable technique for reducing the report under water. With the help and guidance from the guys at Lone Wolf Distributors, makers of barrels and other Glock accessories, these divers devised a very effective technique for under water firearm suppression.

    Instead of trying to trap and contain the expanding gases, this Glock muzzle device focuses on slowing and dispersing the blast and shock waves of a discharged firearm. A series of ports in the forward part of the tube pushes water out, while containing the blast in the back part of the tube. The result: a dramatic decrease in noise and pressure.

    Lionfish, the target of these crusaders, are an invasive species of fish with no natural predators. They also devastate the natural reef inhabitants. Fishing, traditionally using spears, are really the only way to curb the exploding Lionfish population. Of note is that the divers are using lead-free ammunition, don’t discharge rounds into the living reef and also collect their brass whenever possible. The whole operation seems about as ethical as you can get. Nice job all around.

    Every part of this experiment was well researched and explained, so I’m going to give them a pass on the animation depicting the bullet as a complete cartridge case flying through the suppressor. My one criticism: needs more sharks with laser beams!


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