Exclusive: DVL Lobaev 10 Saboteur: Fully Suppressed Short Range Sniper Rifle

    Russian company, Lobaev Arms, has developed a fully suppressed sniper rifle called the DVL Lobaev 10 Saboteur. The rifle is designed for short ranges (0 – 650 yards) but optimized for the lowest possible sound signature. To achieve this they also designed a brand new cartridge called the .40 Lobaev Whisper.

    The cartridge is loaded with a 419 grain bullet fired at a velocity of 1017 fps, just under the speed of sound. The muzzle energy works out to 962 ft/lbs, or about the same energy as a supersonic .44 Magnum. This may not seem impressive at first glance, but it is significantly more powerful than its competitors. The .300 AAC Blackout subsonic loads have about half as much muzzle energy, as does the Russian military’s famous 9x39mm rifle round.

    DVL Lobaev 1

    The rifle weighs in at 9 lbs (unloaded with the full length suppressor installed). The magazine holds 10 rounds and the stock is a folding type. The rifle can be used down to -49°F.

    This rifle was developed with the Russian military in mind, who deploy more fully suppressed rifles than any other nation on earth. The VSS Vintorez, for example, was originally designed for Special Forces but today is frequently used as the main service rifle by Airborne troops. Lobaev Arms want to capture this market.

    Many thanks to Lionel for the photos and information.

    Steve Johnson

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