Broken Palmetto State Upper

    Paul P. posted this in a firearm group. His PSA upper exploded and he sent it back to see if Palmetto State would do anything. Unfortunately they did not but more surprising is the lack of communication. Of course this is one side of the story. I do not know if PSA attempted to contact Paul.

    ok, here’s the update. Posted originally 2 months ago, palmetto upper blew up. After 2 months without so much as an email or phone call from Palmetto (and me calling 3 times, told to wait longer) Palmetto sends back my upper with nothing done to it, except they loosened the bolt carrier. It came back without some of the broken parts, and with absolutely no explanation, no report of any findings, NOTHING. I yank the bolt out with help, and find this (pics, one on the left is my other pistol for comparison). So it looks like brass failure, but I don’t really know, because they said nothing. Customer service sucks. F&%$ Palmetto. Just wanted to post this for everyone who might do business with them, beware customer service.

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