Remington Rifle Owners – Lawsuit Settlement Information

    Ok…if you own a Remington 700, Seven or related model of rifle, listen up.

    A federal judge ordered both Remington and the complainant in a recent class action lawsuit to make what amounts to a “last call” announcement so you can get your rifle fixed or exclude yourself from the legal action. If you do not exclude yourself by November 18, 2016, you will automatically be included in the settlement class. Like Rush said “If you choose not to decide, you still have made a choice.”

    According to Remington, the lawsuit alleges that certain Remington rifles “…can fire without a trigger pull.” Remington denies those allegations “with respect to the trigger connector but is offering trigger replacements to ensure continued satisfaction for its valuable customers.”

    For rifles with the X-Mark Pro trigger, Remington initiated a recall and states (emphasis theirs):

    If you own a firearm that is subject to the safety recall, stop using your firearm immediately.

    There is a website that has been set up to further explain all of the ins and outs associated with your rights under the proposed settlement. Click here to visit it.

    According to the website, the following people are entitled to benefits under this settlement (emphasis added):

    • Current owners of Remington Model 700, Seven, Sportsman 78, 673, 710, 715, 770, 600, 660, XP-100, 721, 722, and 725 firearms containing a Remington trigger mechanism that utilizes a trigger connector
    • Current owners of Remington Model 700 and Model Seven rifles containing an X-Mark Pro trigger mechanism manufactured from May 1, 2006 to April 9, 2014 who did not participate in the voluntary X-Mark Pro product recall prior to April 14, 2015
    • Current and former owners of Remington Model 700 and Model Seven rifles who replaced their rifle’s original Walker trigger mechanism with an X-Mark Pro trigger mechanism

    You can read some of the information published by CNBC about the alleged Remington 700 problems here.

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