Bullpup 2016: New from Black Rhino Concealment

    Black Rhino Concealment is a Kydex company that has been very successful in recent years. They have expanded from a small shop operation to a full time professional company, nowadays making mostly different styles of IWB, OWB, and hybrid holsters, more currently magazine carriers. At Bullpup Shoot they had on hand four new products they will be introducing to their current lineup.

    Although the company had pistol magazine carriers before, now they currently have an AR magazine carrier that can accommodate most STANAG magazine designs. Many Kydex magazine carriers are better suited for either aluminum magazines, or just PMAGs. These can fit both. It is adjustable for tension as well.

    DSC02371 DSC02379 DSC02380 DSC02382 DSC02383

    The company is experimenting with a new kind of Kydex imprinting design, wherein the company can take a customers Photoshop image of a design they want on their Kydex holster, print it on a special kind of layering material, and then inlay it on the product, in as much detail as possible. Not only this, but the durability of the material is absolutely outstanding. You can see me taking a knife to the material and trying to scratch it up as much as possible, with little success.


    The company is also experimenting with a transparent Kydex. Because of the type of material used, the company isn’t completely set on putting it up for sale because of the potential of it cracking under adverse conditions. Compared to traditional Kydex which wouldn’t crack in these situations. But, if you want a transparent Kydex holster or magazine carrier and aren’t going to be too rugged on it, Black Rhino will sell you one!

    DSC02375 DSC02376 DSC02377

    What kind of operator would you be without your tactical wallet though? They just started offering these as well.



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