High End Negrini Cases Now Available For Glocks

    Sure, that black plastic case that came with your Glock is perfectly serviceable, but what if you want something nicer? INTELCASE company, a distributor of the high-end Italian gun luggage, has introduced a custom shop line of fine cases for all Glock models.

    The double wall Negrini case features a fitted compartment that was specifically designed to fit any Glock model with some clever engineering. To customize the compartment for your model of Glock you merely need to peel the self-adhesive strips off the spacer blocks and it is a nice snug fit for your pistol. The case also accommodates two magazines in padded slits to keep them from banging around.

    For jurisdictions where keeping your firearm in a locked case is a necessity or for flying, the new case features dial combination locks that allow you to set your own combonation. With a price starting at $119, the luxury cases aren’t for the faint of heart. Negrini is offering the case both in a standard version as well as a more nicely appointed Italian leather wrapped model for an extra $50 charge.

    You can learn more about both models of Negrini cases by visiting the webpage for the standard version and the leather wrapped model. More information about the entire line can be found on the Negrini Case website.