Forgotten Weapons Finds Marine Corps MC-1952 Sniper Garand

    If one has been following the fantastic Forgotten Weapons channel for the last few days, one would notice a plethora of fantastic World War 2 sniper rifle projects making their way across the upcoming James D. Julia auctions. Various weapons include the M1C Sniper Garand and various Springfield Armory Model 1903 bolt-action rifles.

    Following in their wake just after the Korean war is the MC-1952 Sniper Garand commonly called the M1C with the redundantly named M1C rifle scope. The MC-1952 is not to be confused with the M1-C, which was developed during World War 2, but took a bit to field due to various manufacturing and political issues.

    The MC-1952 was an improvement over the standard Army M1-C principally by improving the optic (which does not include the improvement of the shooters themselves over the Army – SEMPER FI!). The Marine Corps updated from the 2.5x optic to a larger and higher magnification 4x optic.


    Outside the increased magnification, the scope is much better suited for precision marksman. Where the original M1-C required the removal of caps to adjust windage and elevation, the USMC optic was set for external adjustment. Further, the cap was removable and resettable with markings on the adjustment from zero. Finally,  the reticle was a fine crosshair versus the single post in the original M1-C.

    For full details on the rifle and optic, check out Ian’s video below:

    Nathan S

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