NEW: Leupold Expanding Line of Rings and Bases

    Leupold is known for manufacturing good quality, reliable optics and now you’ll be able to mount those optics to your guns with an even wider range of rings and bases. The company is expanding their line with their new Mark 4 Integral Mounting System (IMS) mounts which are designed for modern sporting rifles. New options are also being offered for their QRW, PRW,  Dual Dovetail, Quick Release, and Standard bases. Quite simply, if you’re in the market for rings or bases, they have you covered.

    The new Mark 4 IMS is, as mentioned above, specifically made for modern sporting rifles. It’s a one-piece mount designed to withstand recoil, a promise Leupold delivers on by using lap-free scope rings with threaded steel inserts. Mounts within the Mark 4 IMS line are available to suit a variety of shooting needs such as the flat base version for hunters and one with 20 MOA built-in for long-range shooters. And when it comes to mounting the base to your rifle, Leupold has made it easier than ever with a longer cantilever so your optic can be placed precisely where you need it. This base is made to solve problems with scope height and eye relief on your AR.


    Other options from Leupold:

    “For fans of the round-receiver variants of the Savage 10/110 and Weatherby® Mark V® platforms, Leupold now offers QRW two-piece bases. These bases allow for the use of either QRW or PRW rings.

    For the new Ruger American Rifle®, Leupold now has Standard (STD™) bases specifically designed for the short-action models. Dual Dovetail (DD™) mounts are also now available for the Ruger American Rifle. Dual Dovetail and Quick Release (QR™) bases are now fit to the Browning AB3 rifle.

    Leupold puts the same level of engineering and research into its mounts as with its renowned riflescopes. The reason is simple: the mount is the link between your rifle and riflescope. If it’s not up to the task, the entire system suffers.”

    MSRP for the Mark 4 IMS base $126.00.

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