The FN Model 1922 Pistol

    The FN Model 1910 is famous for having plunged Europe into a World War after slaying Archduke Franz Ferdinand, but behind all the infamy is a very sound design. John Browning created the 1910 and it sold very well, and the 1922 is a version with a larger grip and barrel to make it more suitable for military use at the time. In this episode of TFBTV we do some shooting with a very historically significant example.

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    (gun firing) – [Narrator] The FN Model 1910 and its variants were made for almost 75 years, which is an impressive feat for any firearm.

    This is an FN Model 1922, which is a 1910 basically, with a longer barrel and grip to accommodate a nine-round magazine instead of seven.

    These two changes led to greater combat effectiveness at the cost of concealability, but use as a military handgun often makes the need for concealment unnecessary.

    This is a.32 ACP version that has some interesting history to it, but, being as how these never attained the fame of guns like the Walther PP, have never climbed as high in price.

    However, I suppose that isn’t a bad thing, as you can easily find one like this for about $400.

    The guns were designed by John Browning, and made in Belgium, and saw service in both World Wars.

    But, let’s take a look at a few of its features.

    First and foremost, the gun does have a heel magazine release, and a 1911-like grip safety.

    How very Browning.

    The trigger is single action only, and is actually quite crisp as well, especially for a wartime production military pistol.

    The safety switch also reminds me of a 1911’s.

    This gun also has German markings on it, as the Belgians were forced to make firearms for the Nazis under occupation, and it is my understanding that most of these went to the Luftwaffe.

    The sights are a very simple notch and post arrangement, but, I suppose what’s important is how’s this thing shoot? (gun firing) The answer to that is, of course, quite good.

    It works like a Browning design ought to, but it is a bit snappier than other.32s.

    Perhaps the recoil spring is a bit tired.

    (gun firing) The.32 shot in this video is provided by Ventura Munitions, and it worked extremely well.

    It always brings a smile to my face when I can bring out a gun that was designed 100 years ago, made 75 years ago, and have it shoot as well as any modern.32 out there.

    Anyways, I hope you enjoyed this video, and as always, we hope to see you next time.

    (gun firing)

    Alex C.

    Alex is a Senior Writer for The Firearm Blog and Director of TFBTV.