Testing firing of the Russian 9-A1-4071K 30 mm cannon

    There’s a new video showing tests of Russia’s new 30 mm cannon. We might not remember it by its real name, as it’s a bit awkward: “9-A1-4071K”.  I’m sure it will get some evil nick-name in the future, especially from those on the wrong side of the barrel.

    The 9-A1-4071K cannon is a redesign of the GSh-30-1 30 mm automatic cannon, which was developed by the KBP Instrument Design Bureau.  KBP describes itself as one of the leading design companies in the Russian defense industry. They have developed over 140 models of weapons and military equipment, which were put into series production and introduced in service with the Russian Army. For instance, they make the PP-2000 9mm Sub-machine gun which might be better know to TFB readers?

    For those interested in digging deeper into the company, KBP’s homepage can be found here.

    The test firing seem to take place in a scrap yard and the cannon shoots some serious flames which I estimate are over 200 centimeters long. Not a dream to be a pilot when that happens, so for their sake I hope they can work on that.

    I guess temporary blindness and permanent deafness is part of the game as a pilot?


    Below: The 30 mm 9-A1-4071K cannon mounted on a surrogate Suchoj T-50 aircraft. Earlier tests have been conducted on Sukhoi SU-27SM jet fighter.


    Below: filling up the ammo box with 30 x 165 mm, and there is a choice of blast-fragmentation, incendiary and armor-piercing tracer rounds effective up to 1 800 meters.


    Effective scrap-yard, low-tech from Russia. The 30 mm cannon is said to get the latest targeting systems available on the future T-50 PAK FA fighter plane to ensure good hits.


    The cannon looks heavy, but the weight is “just” 50 kilograms making it one of lightest 30 mm cannons made.


    The cannon has an autonomous water cooling system, apparently there is water inside the barrel jacket which evaporates as it heats up.


    The rate of fire is up to 1 800 rounds per minute. In Russia cannon owns you!


    I’m sorry for the choice of music, but enjoy the video.

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