1,000 rds A Day, For 5 Days, Every Week. Army Marksmanship Unit

    At the 2016 FN 3Gun Championships, I heard someone mention that Daniel Horner shoots 1,000 rds a day. That number did not really seem like much to me at first.  When I shared this with my friend Adam of Aridus Industries, he put it into perspective.

    Think of your traditional training course. You usually shoot anywhere from 500 to maybe 1,000 rds over the course of a weekend. Often with higher round counts they are spread across three days. Now cram that into a single day. Now I have no idea what type of practice the AMU is doing. Is it purely mechanical standing and shooting? Are they incorporating any other skill sets in these 1,000 round repetitions?

    My friend and fellow RO Mike W. told me of a similar story. He was in Rio, during the 2016 Olympics and spoke with one of the Trap Shooters. That Olympian shoots for AMU and he confirmed his regimen is 1k rds a day. I asked Mike for documentation of this claim and here it is.

    I found this in the Sept/Oct Front Sight about PFC Katie Harris: How often do you practice? “Monday through Friday, 0900 to 1630. We will shoot 1000 rounds per day, and our training intensifies two weeks before a match to prepare us for them.” 5000 rounds a week, 20,000 rounds a month.
    You can read that same back issue of Front Sight here.
    Getting paid to shoot sounds like fun. But often we do not think about the work that goes behind it. Shooting 1,000rds every day sounds like work. That is 5,000 rds a week. 20,000 rds a month! I wonder if they have to load their own magazines. How long does shooting 1,000 rds a day take? I guess it depends on the type of practice. How do they have time to do anything else?
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