Wilson Combat’s New Q-Comp Keeps Things Quiet

    The renowned 1911 builder is bringing out a new compensator that will not only keep the recoil of your AR-15 in check but keep it to a dull roar while doing so. The new Q-Comp muzzle device was designed by Wilson’s own “compensator experts” to enhance recoil control under rapid fire conditions without pissing your range buddy off. We all have that one shooting partner that fits a ridiculous brake onto their rifle then shows up to the range with quiet determination to tear the very fabric of space in half with nothing more than muzzle blast. Instead of punching them, now you can suggest they pick up the Q-Comp to save your precious hearing.

    The Q-Comp has been tuned by compensator scientists to minimize the side to side shockwave compared to other brakes on the market while exhibiting almost no flash to speak of. The Melonite QPQ coated steel comp has a slotted design has no prongs, fingers, or pokey things to snag or break off.

    Wilson’s new Q-Comp is available in 3 thread patterns, 1/2″ x 28 for .223/5.56, 5/8″ x 24 for .30 caliber rifles, and 11/16″ x 24 for the massive .458 SOCOM. Priced at $59.95, they are available on Wilson Combat’s website now. Check out both their website and the YouTube video below for more information.