NEW UNANNOUNCED PRODUCT!!!… C’mon Ruger, Be a Little More Vague

    New Unannounced Product

    On the heels of Ruger announcing they are discontinuing their 77-Series of bolt-action rifles, we get news like this. Your first thought might be: “Well, they are obviously replacing the 77-Series, and rather quickly.”

    I am going to argue that. They give no specifications as to what this new mystery firearm is right now. Caliber. Overall length. Weight. Its zodiac sign. Nothing.

    The only thing that could elude to what this new unannounced product could be is in the sweepstakes form you fill out. You have to be 21 years old in order to get this free firearm. This could mean it is a handgun or an AR-15. Or a pistol-grip shotgun?! Or it could mean nothing and it is a single-shot rifle. We really do not know.

    I attempted my own reconnaissance research since I work for an FFL and dug up nothing. Basically, if you enter Ruger’s Sweepstakes on their website, you have a shot. The run down from Ruger goes something like this:

    Ruger has just released a new product to our distributors that we will announce and make available to retailers and consumers next week. If selected as the winner, you will be required to pick up this new unannounced product at your preferred, federally licensed firearms retailer on Thursday, September 22nd, 2016 and provide us a photo of yourself holding the new unannounced product on that same day.

    So if you can find it within you to take a likely overjoyed photo with your free firearm from Ruger, you are applicable to win.

    You can check out their website for this mysterious firearm and enter to win HERE.

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