Interesting Concept Offset BUIS from Strike Industries

    I, for one, am a huge fan of offset sights for rifles with magnified optics. For SPR type platforms where the minimum magnification on optcs can be 9x or larger, the offset sights are a great option for close-in work when needed. Competition shooters have likewise embraced them, especially in action shooting sports where the option to use irons for near targets and not having to take the time to change magnification for longer shorts results in saved precious seconds.

    Taking the concept to the next step is Strike Industries. Shown as a “sneak peak” over at Soldier Systems, Strike Industries has previewed what looks to be multi-position offset iron sights. The most interesting photo is the version showing it co-witnessed with a standard red-dot sight. This type of arrangement would be nice for when the zero magnification red-dot malfunctions or drains its battery and the shooter does not want to or can’t cant the weapon.


    However, I also see a few drawbacks of the design as shown. Back-up iron sights rely on the mechanical repeatability of their deployment mechanisms to retain zero. Since any dirt or other issue can cause the sights to not quite fully deploy, they are typically never used for short-range work.

    For reference, .001″ deployment error results in 1″ at 27 yards or nearly 4″ at 100 yards.

    The Strike Industries design, in this light, could have this issue, magnified, as the deployment is not just a rotation vertically, but adds a rotation axially. Assuming the design is using detents, its ability to deploy with even MOA accuracy is likely small. Further, if the height over bore changes through the various axial positions, shooting at distance can be difficult.

    But, for those looking for a true-back-up with flexibility, its going to be an interesting product.

    All photos are credit Soldier Systems. Click here to be taken to the original article. 

    Nathan S

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