Haiti Seizes Truck From Miami Full Of Weapons

    Not even a month has gone by since the recent weapons found and seized in Spain. Just last week, Haiti discovered a shipment of guns and ammo. While not as many as the one in Spain, it has been reported that Haiti customs in St. Marc found 117 guns, 116 boxes of ammunition (30,000 cartridges), 15 handcuffs, military uniforms, boots, cell phone chargers and other gear in a truck from Miami. Another website, HaitiLibre, detailed the seizure.

    The finding minute reported a seizure, among others of : 150 12-gauge shotguns, 9 shotguns 12-gauge double-barrel, 5 rifles M 4,15 pairs of handcuffs, 10 pairs of boots, 50 boxes of 50 units of caliber 38 bullets, 4 boxes of 1,000 units 9mm bullets, 10 boxes of 250 units of caliber 12 bullets, 7 holsters, 50 boxes of 50 cartridges 380, 2 boxes of 250 bullets 12,7 caliber 5,56 mm chargers, 1 M14 charger, 12 uniforms (blue pants, black shirt), 5 tactical vests, 1 Glock 9 mm pistol BCB2761 and one charger…


    From the photo it looks like DPMS Oracle AR-15s and DP12s.

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