Suppress Easier With Bootleg Inc’s Adjustable Carrier

    Adding a suppressor to a direct impingement (DI) gas system like the one found in most AR-patterned rifles can have an overall effect on the rifle’s operation. Many silencers will constrict the normal flow of gas out of the muzzle creating a effect sometimes referred to as back-pressure. Instead of exiting the barrel, gas and particulate matter from the deflagration of gun powder ends up increasing cyclic rates, fouling and wear and tear on critical components. Bootleg Inc now offers an adjustable carrier that controls gas flow with settings adjusted with just the turn of a screw.

    Obviously gas control is not a new premise; adjustable gas blocks, uppers, and even other carriers are in use by many a suppressor-lover. But it’s always good to see new options on the market. Bootleg seems to have designed a quality product and it will be neat to see some reviews hit the Internet.


    Bootleg Inc Adjustable Carrier @ TFB

    Bootleg Inc Adjustable Carrier @ TFB

    The Bootleg Lightweight Adjustable Carrier is machined from S7 Tool Steel, and features a four setting vent system to relieve excess gas pressure from suppressor use.


    • Machined from S7 Tool Steel
    • Lithium Isonite Coating
    • 4 Setting Adjustable Vent System relieves excess gas pressure created from suppressor use creating longer dwell time and less blowback to the shooter.
    • Gas Adjustment can be turned while installed in the rifle
    • Unique Lightweight Design
    • Uses mil spec components
    • Staked Mil Spec Gas Key
    • Adjustment Pin is easily removed for cleaning
    • This is not FULL Auto Rated
    Bootleg Inc Adjustable Carrier @ TFB

    Bootleg Inc Adjustable Carrier @ TFB


    Bootleg Inc Adjustable Carrier @ TFB

    Suppressor manufacturer Dead Air Armament recently announced that they would be offering the Bootleg carrier for sale on their website.

    Bootleg Inc also offers a number of other AR products on the market that are definitely worth a look.

    MSRP: 249.95


    Bootleg Inc –

    255 Steelhead Way
    Boise, ID 83704
    208 780 6155


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