POTD: World War II 1911 Military Pistol from a crashed airplane over Germany

    Today’s Photo of the Day is something spectacular. A time machine back to WW2.

    I visited a friend, we started talking, had some cookies and coffee. Talk was good.

    But no coffee without guns, so my friend places his new purchase on the table.

    I’m not specially into 1911’s, but even I can tell this is something special.

    The owner of this 1911 is obviously the United States of America – it says so on the side at least! – but it was carried by someone who was unfortunate enough to crash in a plane over Germany during WW2.


    Guns & Coffee


    The gun seems to have been made in 1943. (Serial nr.: 1532015 = 1943 MODEL 1911 MILITARY)

    The story carries on, but not in this POTD.

    Do you know anything about this gun? Please let us know!

    The “love handles” (grips) are obviously changed. Enjoy!


    CLARIFICATION: Nothing in this article, apart from this clarification below, has been edited.

    There are lots of complaints about my grammar, spelling etc. Sorry, english/american is not my first language but I try my best. You can see this in my signature as well.

    I can encourage some people to work on their reading comprehension skills when it comes to the grips.

    It clearly says in my text that the grips were changed. There were no grips when the owner bought it, but as they’re a nice thing to have on a gun he added something which could blend in.

    Also, I never wrote this 1911 was in the US, because it isn’t. There are collectors of guns outside the US.

    I also added another “featured” image.

    As for the price of the gun you’d be surprised, but you will have to wait until part II. Thanks and have a nice day!