Smoothbore Saiga-366 with .366 TKM shotgun ammunition

    We all know how strange gun laws can be. In Russia there’s a 5 year wait of owning a shotgun before you can obtain a rifle. Yes, that includes .22LR.

    And in other countries we would love to get our hands on Saiga or Molot shotguns, but can’t due to availability or other gun related laws.

    The .366 TKM is a redesigned 7,62×39 cartridge. It’s been necked up to accommodate a 9,55 mm “slug” and cut to 37 mm.  (9.55x37mm)

    I wonder if anyone makes any tools for it? Dillon?

    TFB reported about the 366 TKM in 2015 in this article. According to the information, the “rifle” is accurate up to around 100-150 meters.

    Pictured below is the .366TKM cartridge in two different versions.


    Available projectiles:
    11 gram FMJ slug at 700 m/s (170 grain @ 2295 fps)
    13.5 gram polymer-coated lead slug at 640 m/s (208 grain @ 2100 fps )
    15 gram FMJ and JSP slugs at 620 m/s (231 grain @ 2030 fps)
    20 gram birdshot (0.7 oz)

    As you can see, one advantage is that this Saiga shotgun can be used as a…shotgun!

    The Saiga on the picture below doesn’t have a fully rifled barrel. Apparently only about 10 cm of the barrel is going to be grooved.

    This Saiga “Shotgun” was shown at the Russian Army 2016 Expo. Got to love the way the safety scratches the rifle, sorry shotgun, by default.


    Eric B

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