NOMAD Expanding Hunting Apparel Line

    NOMAD might be somewhat of a newcomer on the hunting apparel scene but it’s a line with years of planning behind it. The guys behind NOMAD have an impressive amount of experience both within the industry and as hunters themselves, so it comes as no surprise they’d design a line of hunting clothes they simply describe as “by hunters, for hunters”. Now they’re expanding their line and I cannot help but be a bit excited about what the expansion includes: women’s styles (among other things).

    The Harvester series is meant for the fall when the mercury begins to dip but hasn’t hit freezing just yet. Of course, as medium-weight clothing it can also be used for layering when the cold weather does hit. It’s designed to be water and wind-resistant and has a high-pile interior. The Harvester jacket also has a drawstring hood, all the better to block the wind from cutting through you while you’re waiting on a big buck or stalking a bull elk. This series comes sized for men, women, and youth. MSRP on the jacket ranges from $99.99 to $129.99.

    The LS Cooling Tee is made using antimicrobial material with fantastic breathability and sun protection. It comes in men’s, women’s, and youth sizes. MSRP ranges from $39.99 to $49.99.

    The Dunn PRIMALOFT Pant is a nice addition to NOMAD’s line and one bound to be popular with the many deer hunters who prefer suspenders to keep pants in place. Features include (as listed by the company):

    Silver+Zeolites: SilverZ Scent Suppression System – An innovative apparel system designed to absorb and limit the distribution of human scent
    Primaloft Fill – 100 GSM
    Moisture Wicking
    Insert at Side and Behind Knee Stretch Windproof Fleece
    Ever-Adjust Elastic Waist
    EMMA-Grab Technology at Interior Waistband to Keep Your Pants Where They Need to Be
    Zip Rear Patch Pocket
    Gusseted Crotch
    Articulated Patch Knee
    Vip Vent From Cuff to Knee
    Crescent Cuff

    MSRP $199.99.

    And now, a word about their brand new women’s clothing. I’m already a fan of NOMAD thanks to spending days and weeks wearing their clothing while hunting everything from mountain lions to feral hogs. Their clothing is comfortable – not all hunting apparel is – and I love their jackets even when I’m not in the woods. The zippers on the cuffs of their Mergence jacket make it possible to get a little extra air and easily fit the sleeves over my thickest gloves; the fact that the palm-side of the jacket sleeves is regular length but the backside of the sleeves is extra long, long enough to cover the back of my hand and keep my wrists completely covered even while shouldering my rifle or glassing for game is just awesome. It’s great apparel and yes, I’ve been wearing their men’s stuff all along. It’s really not unusual; the majority of my hunting clothing is made for men. There’s just more of it available. A lot more. So I was thrilled to see their new women’s clothing looks just like the rest of their line. No pink highlights or purple stitching, no flowers, hearts, or stereotypical girly adornments. Just Mossy Oak patterned with gray highlights and the now-familiar blaze orange NOMAD lettering. I can’t wait to get my hands on it.

    Wearing multiple layers of NOMAD on a mountain lion hunt in the Sierra Nevadas.

    Wearing multiple layers of NOMAD on a mountain lion hunt in the Sierra Nevadas.

    Take a look at their entire line of hunting apparel on their website:

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