New Wilson Combat Sentinel XL Sub-Compact

    Wilson Combat is bringing out a new offering that will please concealed carriers with deep pockets. The new Wilson Combat Sentinel XL is a 4″ barreled 1911 with a shortened grip that helps with concealment. After all, the grip is the most difficult part of the gun to conceal, the 1/2″ shorter height should do wonders for those that want a 1911 that melts into their clothing.

    1911 aficionados that spend their time in the bathroom reading over Wilson Combat brochures will be pleased to see that even though the new pistol is geared towards concealed carriers the gunsmiths still work every bit of magic that you might expect out of Wilson. Some of the stand out features are round butt frame, ultra-thin G10 grips and the Hi Power style carry cuts found on the end of the slide.

    The impressive list of features below comes from one of the cheapest Sentinels listed:

    • Sentinel® Size Aluminum Frame, ½” Shorter than Compact
    • Weights 14% less Than a Comparable Steel Model
    • 30 LPI High Cut Checkered Frontstrap
    • Round Butt Frame
    • Concealment Bullet Proof® Beavertail Grip Saftey and Hammer
    • Tactical Bullet Proof® Thumb Saftey
    • 3 ½# – 4 ½# Crisp Trigger Pull with Medium Length Pad
    • Contoured Magazine Well
    • Bullet Proof® Shortened/Rounded Magazine Release
    • Wilson Combat Black Ultra-Thin Grips with Pewter Medallions
    • Torx Head Grips Screws
    • Countersunk Slide Stop
    • 4″ Carbon Steel Slide
    • Heavy Machine Chamfer on Bottom of Slide
    • Battlesight with Fiber Optic Front Sight
    • 4″ Stainless Match Grade Barrel, Flush Cut Reverse Crown
    • Fluted Chamber
    • Fluted Barrel
    • 30 LPI Slide Top Serrations
    • 40 LPI Serrated Rear of Slide
    • Carry Cuts/Ball Endmill Cuts

    On top of the laundry list of features that come standard, shooters will be able to choose between 9mm, .38 Super and .45 ACP when ordering. The inclusion of .38 super is a bit curious, it isn’t one that I normally associate with concealed carry.

    The Sentinel XL is already available for purchase on the Wilson Combat website with prices ranging from $3800 to $3995.