IWA – Optics and Night/Thermal Vision

    For some strange reason this article got delayed in the system, but we hope you’ll enjoy it regardless if you’re afraid of the Dark or not.

    Welcome to the World of Optics and Night & Thermal Vision from the IWA exhibition in Germany 2016.

    We previously presented the New Swarovski Z8i riflescopes. A scope I’m sure will be a huge success for Swarovski.

    This posts goes through a lot of different companies and solutions. In some (many) cases it is difficult to know exactly which firearm (or version) it is and/or which exact optic that is mounted. Sometimes it’s just not possible to get close enough to catch details, and no one to ask, but I’ve tried to do my best to get it as accurate as possible.

    If you have some Picatinny rail left to pimp out, and a big wallet, just scroll down and TFB will fill the rail and empty your wallet picture by picture.

    Below: HK MR308-G28 A3 with Insight Thermal Weapon Sight in front of a Schmidt & Bender optic.


    I think the guy in blue in the background has probably just seen the price tag.

    I think this is a DSR Precision 3, with a Hensholdt NV80 and possibly a Hensoldt (ZF) 6-24×72.



    Possibly a DSR Precision – DSR 1 / DRS 50. Not sure about the optic, but probably a Hensholdt of some kind.


    Heckler & Koch with EOTech + magnifier.


    Heckler & Koch with Steiner BOS 5×36 and unknown (Hensholdt?) red doit above.


    • “I can see in the dark”


    Below: AN/PVS-31 Binocular Night Vision Device (BNVD)

    The BNVD is a compact, lightweight, Gen III dual-tube goggle with an ergonomic low-profile design and offers superior situational awareness compared to a single-tube goggle. The BNVD is a follow-on to our legacy, battle-proven AN/PVS-15, but offers more features for increased survivability.


    Below: Insight Ground Panoramic Night Vision Goggle (GPNVG)

    The Generation 3 Night Vision Image Intensifier Tubes are Available in Green and White Phosphor

    “The GPNVG is a helmet-mounted night vision device with a wide 97-degree horizontal field-of-view that allows for observation and/or target identification in low-light conditions and is ruggedized for ground applications. Individual monoculars can be detached from the system and powered with included power adapter to provide a low- profile handheld night vision monocular.”


    A quad and a bike rebuilt for Night Operations. Note the IR-lights.


    Machine gun with EOTech. The bike to the left has a quadro-copter on the back.


    Here’s a really cool rifle, from Minerva Tactical.

    Below is the Minerva “Stubby” in .308 “Match”, 15.5″ barrel. Check out the higher quality pictures in the link.


    Minerva Gladius series in .308 “Match”, 27″ barrel.  Again, follow the link as my pictures don’t do it justice.

    Optics from March in Spuhr mount. Note the Zeiss 45 spotter to the right.



    As usual, Spuhr had some interesting mounts and inventions on display.

    In the USA, Spuhr is available through Mile High.


    Note the Aimpoint Micros mounted on the side, for quick shots close range.


    Swarovski by Spuhr: Spuhr Accessory ring for Swarovski ATS/STS series of 80mm spotting scopes.


    For whenever your Swarovski or Leupold spotting scope needs some serious upgrades, ask Spuhr.

    With the ring, you can for instance attach a red dot sight for quickly finding objects, especially in low light conditions. The example below has a Leupold Deltapoint. You can attach a laser for pointing out targets or attach Cosine Indicators so a spotter can see the angle to the target. And – or – you can use IR-illuminators to identify and illuminate targets or use a range finder.


    Spuhr carrier for NV-goggles.


    Spuhr mount for PVS22, or Universal Night Sight, which is a Picatinny rail mounted in-line night sight.

    IWA-Optics-2016-21_resize  IWA-Optics-2016-23_resize


    I’m sorry I don’t have the details of this setup from Leupold, but it looks pretty bad ass.


    Lahoux Optics from The Neatherlands. Lahoux LV-81 night vision below, with DH 3-12×50 optics in front.


    Armasight on a SCAR.


    Yes, that looks pretty nice.





    That’s it for this time.



    Eric B

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