The Pakistani handgun: Daudsons Trushot and DSA Nine

    Daudsons Armoury is a Pakistani defense manufacturer based in Peshawar, that is starting to really come into prominence within Pakistan. The company makes a number of different products, from break open double barrel shotguns to 40mm high velocity automatic grenade launchers. Daud, or “داوود”  in Arabic, is the Islamic version of Christian Biblical David, who is considered a prophet in Islam, and thus is a popular name among many Muslims, Pakistanis included. Thus, Daudsons Armoury probably should have been named Daud’s Son’s Armoury. The company appears to have been formed in 1954.

    However their foray into the handgun market is quite fascinating for an indigenous firearms maker from Pakistan. These aren’t the handmade Peshawar small arms we often blog about, or the completely copied firearms that are made elsewhere in Pakistan. This is professionally made and marketed handgun that could probably compete with a Glock or Sig Sauer at that rate. Granted, there are a number of features here that are copied from American and European handguns, but the pistol itself has some originality going on as well.


    The handgun came out around three years ago, but it was only brought to TFB’s attention recently. There are three variants, a full size model, a reduced weight full size (by way of barrel flutes and cut slides), and a compact. All are in 9x19mm NATO. It is a double action, Browning tilting block, semi automatic handgun that incorporates an external hammer, manual/ambidextrous safety, and ambidextrous magazine release. The magazine holds 14 rounds, and the entire pistol weighs 32 ounces unloaded. The barrel is made from 4140 steel while the frame and slide are aluminum. Grip panels are polymer. Slide release looks to be something off a Beretta Cheetah. Overall it looks like the handgun has alot of Sig Saur design takes.

    daudsons 1


    This guy really needs to take an NRA class or something, his muzzle discipline is going to someday get him or someone else hurt!


    DSA Nine

    The DSA Nine has yet to reach production stage and is still going through product testing and experimentation right now. However from what we can see, it is the companies venture into producing a polymer handgun. The slide is very similar in appearance to that of a Glock and appears to be steel as well. Frame is polymer, looks to model a Sig 320, even down to the beavertail. Unlike a Glock or Sig, it has an external manual safety. Both of these handguns have this manual safety feature, and it might be because they are looking for Pakistani Army or Government contracts.

    ds2 ds3 ds4 ds5


    Much Thanks to TFB reader Sam Hasan for the input on this post!


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