IWI Tavors at 2016 FN 3Gun Championship

    For the past four years I have staffed the FNH USA 3Gun Championships. I am staffing the match again this year and I am writing this as the match is being held this week. The match is held Thursday thru Saturday. Competitors shoot only 3-4 stages a day. However Staff shoot all 10 stages on Tuesday and Wednesday. During the staff shoot I saw Rebecca McCoy and Tom Alibrando of IWI competing with staff. I did not get to actually see them shoot but I saw them as I drove past to head to some of the stages. Two ROs that I am working with were on their squad. During lunch on Wednesday I asked them “So how are the IWI people doing in the match? How well has the X95 been doing on the long range targets?” To my surprise they said that the X95 is doing great. In fact they were almost one to one on the long range steel.

    If you remember back in April, there were some reports of the IWI X95 having accuracy issues. Here is one article we posted. Tim Harmsen of Military Arms Channel also tested his X95 for accuracy. Well here at FN 3Gun, that does not seem to be an issue for these Tavors. There were two long range stages. Stage 9 and 10. Stage 9 has 6 targets. 5 MGM flashers which are 8″ in diameter and one skinny sammy. The skinny sammy is only 4 inches wide at the widest part and 14″ high. It is like the size of a gopher standing up.  The skinny sammy was set out around 120 yards and the other steel ranged from 220 yards out to about 280 yards. Stage 10 also has six targets but it has two skinny sammies and the furthest target is out to 385 yards. And the Tavors did not have a problem with any of these targets.


    Tom on Stage 9 shooting off the log out to 290 yards on the furthest target.



    Tom using the X95 on Stage 10 barricade.


    Stage 2 roof simulator.


    I interviewed Tom about his and Rebecca’s performance here at FN 3Gun.


    As was mentioned in the video above, Rebecca shot the match with her OD Green Tavor SAR. She used a borrowed Burris 1-4x scope for the match. Rebecca is left handed so the Tavor is setup for lefties.

    DSC_0027 DSC_0028


    Rebecca on stage 9.


    Rebecca on stage 8


    Rebecca engaging long range targets on stage 10


    Stage 3 required you to shoot 120-160 yard steel through these narrow slots.


    They used modified Jerichos. At the IWI booth they had some Jerichos on hand for competitors to try out. Here is a “Unicorn” as Tom called it. An FDE Jericho.

    DSC_0031 DSC_0032

    The reports of accuracy issues are something to consider. However practical application is something completely different. Here is positive proof that the Tavor X95 may not be as inaccurate as some believe it to be.

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