Suppressor Transfers Made Easy – Silencer Shop Kiosk

    With ATF Rule 41P now in effect, there has been some confusion within the market about how to go about satisfying the new CLEO notification and transfer rules. We have covered much of this in detail, but the private sector has stepped it up a bit. SilencerShop, the largest suppressor seller in the country, has implemented their new kiosks, which seek to simplify the transfer of NFA items.

    The kiosk is set up to handle all of the back-end paperwork for a transfer including the now required fingerprinting. The system is account-based, which allows the user to network between the multiple kiosks to get various trust members fingerprinted without all having “to go down to the station”, a major inconvenience. Kiosks are set up to capture fingerprints, create a trust, and complete a transaction all at the single point of sale.

    It should be noted that the ATF has not yet formally ruled that the kiosk will satisfy the NFA’s legal requirements and the ATF’s bureaucratic processes. Lawyers from SilencerShop and SilencerCo have differing opinions.

    Interestingly, the kiosk pairs with a mobile application, all in the name of speeding up the purchasing process and removing headaches from suppressor purchases.

    Those interested can see additional details courtesy of TheBulletPoints below:


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