NEW: CrossBreed Holsters for Pistols with Streamlight TLR-6

    CrossBreed Holsters has been designing and manufacturing quality handcrafted holsters for more than a decade now and they continue to add to their product lineup. Now they’ve announced the launch of their latest addition which is designed for gun owners with the Streamlight TLR-6 mounted to their pistols. The Streamlight TLR-6 is a laser-light combination compatible with a number of subcompact handguns including brands such as Glock, Smith and Wesson M&P Shield, KAHR, SIG Sauer, and Kimber. It features a C4 LED illuminator and 640-660nm red laser and runs on two CR1/3N lithium batteries. The light is mounted to the pistol’s trigger guard.

    The holster is made using CrossBreed’s custom molding process to ensure a secure fit. Lights and lasers offer a solid tactical advantage when used properly whether together or separately. If you have one or both mounted to your favorite handgun, take the time to find a holster to accommodate them. Don’t let the lack of the right holster stop you from using your EDC with the accessories you prefer. It might take some hunting but odds are good you’ll find a holster that works with whatever setup you’ve chosen.

    We all have a box – or boxes – of cast-off holsters (and if you’re like me, chances are you also have a big box of unwanted lights and lasers). CrossBreed manufactures good quality holsters; my experience with them has been positive for both retention and comfort.

    MSRP not listed.

    Take a look at CrossBreed holsters at:

    View the Streamllight TLR-6 at the following link:

    Holster is currently offered for the following handguns:

    · Glock 26,27,28,33

    · Glock 42

    · Glock 43

    · Kahr CT9 & CT40

    · Kahr CW9 & CW40

    · Kahr P9 & P40

    · Kahr TP9 & TP40

    · Kahr CM9 & CM40

    · SIG 238

    · SIG 938

    · Smith & Wesson M&P Shield

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