DeSantis Announces New Rigs for XD Mod.2 with 3.3″ Barrel


    DeSantis Gunhide announced several new fits for the Springfield Armory XD .45 Mod.2 with a 3.3″ barrel. All of these fits are in existing product lines, so potential buyers should be able to get a good idea of how the existing scabbards wear.

    The first is the E-Gat Slide. This is an all leather rig that rides outside the waistband and has a 1.5″ split belt loop. It is an open top design with molding to the weapon for friction retention only. The MSRP is $33.99.

    Another leather rig, the Cozy Partner is an inside the waistband rig that is similar to the classic Summer Special from Milt Sparks. It uses a pair of leather straps to attach to a belt. Unlike the Sparks design, the Cozy Partner has a piece of leather that goes between the slide and skin above the open mouth. Additionally, this model has small wings that should improve overall stability when worn. This rig goes for $81.99.

    The Mini Slide is another take on the OWB scabbard. It is wider than the E-Gat and has a forward cant. It is molded to the weapon and has an adjustable tension screw to alter the amount of friction used to hold the gun in the rig. It has a suggested retail of $71.99.

    Richard Johnson

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