A Shark Skin Tejas El Original Belt From Magpul? Sold!

    Earlier this month we posted my review of the Magpul El Original belt that I purchased to replace an old worn out gunbelt. You can check out my review for the full scoop on the belt; the condensed version is that the belt is pretty damned outstanding. My only gripe is that Magpul released a limited edition shark skin belt about two months after I bought mine. Jerks.

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    The limited edition shark skin belt features the same reinforced polymer liner found on all El Original belts along with the quick change hardware and buckle in their dark pewter color. The reinforced polymer that Magpul incorporated into the belt not only matched the black shark skin well but it does an excellent job of resisting deformation and twisting.

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    Magpul decided to use Blue Shark skin harvested from licensed and legal fishing for the exterior of the belt giving the exterior of the belt a tough look that will last for years undoubtedly. The belt is only offered in black at this time in limited quantities after they run out Magpul states that the belt may never be offered again. If you have to have a shark skin Magpul belt, best to not delay since they will likely be selling out quickly.

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    MSRP on the shark skin Tejas El Original is a slightly steep $184.95 but let’s face it; shark skin isn’t cheap. You can learn more about the belt on Magpul’s website.