OPINION: Are Bright Colored Gun Parts A Problem?

    Last month I wrote a quick article about dyeing PMAGs with fabric dye and some of our readers went a bit nuts. A couple of the comments were downright crotchety claiming that a brightly colored magazine could get me killed but also make kittens go blind. I can’t say that I agree with them, I feel brightly colored parts have a place in the firearms community.


    I want to counter that it doesn’t matter as long as the owner of the brightly colored parts is acting within the law and uses those parts for range or competition use. As long as the colors don’t put anyone in danger, what does it matter? There are some instances where it could be a problem like my blue magazines at a training event that is using sim rounds, but since I do not attend training that involves blanks or sims there is no danger there.


    There is a thought process that a gun owner shouldn’t dye their magazines, handguards or other part bright purple, teal or yellow is because the police might not know it is a real gun or a child might mistake it for a toy. Firstly, there is literally no reason that a law abiding citizen should point ANY firearm regardless of what color it is at law enforcement. Complying with the police or properly storing your firearms and ammunition removes any chance of a misunderstanding.

    People like myself like to tinker and want an easy way to identify their magazine, firearm or other thing dye parts because we want to. The important thing isn’t what color the gun is, but that we are being safe with it.