Daniel Defense Braces For “Unprecedented” Demand

    Thanks to a more polarized Presidential election than normal it is no secret that gun sales are anticipated to go through the roof. While some people are genuinely fearful that a type of firearm is going to be banned, there are others that use the panic for other reasons ranging anywhere from an excuse to get the wife to agree to a purchase all the way to those looking to make a profit.

    Daniel Defense sees the coming storm just like many retailers and is taking steps to ensure they are able to handle the demand better. Due to a noted drop in Daniel Defense’s inventory Marty Daniel, Daniel Defense’s founder, president and an all around cool guy, is taking some pretty drastic steps to make sure that buyers looking for the iconic Daniel Defense name won’t have to look too hard.

    Marty was quoted as saying the following:

    We understand the frustration this may cause, and I want to assure our customers and potential customers that our efforts are hyper-focused on increasing the supply of our products … Our manufacturing facilities are currently operating 24/7 to maximize output of DDM4 and DD5 firearms, and we’re doing everything humanly possible to get our products to market and in the hands of buyers. I want to thank our loyal customers for their patience and understanding. I’m truly humbled by their loyalty, and I personally guarantee that a Daniel Defense firearm is well worth the wait.”

    Daniel Defense is planning on increasing their manufacturing capacity 100% in the month of September until the storm has settled.

    I love seeing this kind of commitment to the customer base that has propelled Daniel Defense to being one of the top choices for those looking for a high-quality AR-15. If I were in the market for an AR-15 a DD M4A1 like the one I tested a while ago would be on my short list for sure.

    You can learn more about Daniel Defense on their website. You can also read about their reaction to Academy Sports pulling all AR-15s from their shelves after the tragic attack earlier this year in Orlando by clicking HERE.