Primos New TAKE OUT Deer Attractants Will Make Deer STAY IN!… Your Area this Fall

    Take Out

    Primos Take Out Row Crop Deer Attractant

    Primos Hunting has many hunting calls and accessories that define them, but they also have diverse offerings in deer attractants. Just in time for fall, they are adding two different blends of a new deer attractant dubbed Take Out. The flavors developed have a specific palate, or region of the country in mind.

    Take Out Row Crop

    The “Row Crop” blend suits hunting areas where farmland and agriculture is present. It has lots of ingredients that deer would naturally eat, but this mixture will hopefully bring deer closer to your stand as opposed to a nearby field. Primos elaborates on what is inside the bag:

    Aimed at areas where agricultural entrees are on the menu, Take Out Row Crop features the most desirable farmland flavors proven to reliably draw deer into farmers’ fields, including oats, soybeans, alfalfa, barley and molasses.

    Row Crop’s mixture contains extra protein and fat as an enriching and important addition throughout the fall and winter months. Both bucks and does need this during the rut and winter when mating and the weather is harshest on their bodies.

    Take Out Fall Harvest

    The Fall Harvest flavor caters to those hunting in more wooded areas. This blend could become a staple for many hunters because natural food sources can be a feast-or-famine type of situation. Some years natural food sources are in abundance for deer while other years not so much. If you are able to provide a consistent, natural style source of food for the deer in your area, they will look to your chosen location as a mainstay for food. If whitetail deer are anything, they are creatures of habit. Create a habit of visiting your hunting spot with a deer attractant. Primos expanded on what this specific deer attractant contains:

    Take Out Fall Harvest is an alluring combination of mixed grains, molasses and corn. Its components were carefully chosen to mimic the most compelling whitetail foods found in a variety of woodlands and other natural settings across the continent.

    The Take Out deer attractants currently sell in 5 Lbs. bags with an affordable MSRP of $9.95. Since this does contain actual food (no pun intended) you should check to see if your state or area allows for this type of baiting. Some public hunting lands or states only allow for mineral licks while others give the green light on food baiting.

    To check out the Primos Hunting “Take Out Row Crop” deer attractant, CLICK HERE.

    For the Primos Hunting “Take Out Fall Harvest” deer attractant information, CLICK HERE.

    To view the Vista Outdoors press release of these deer attractants, CLICK HERE.

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