Zeiss Brings More Great Binos To Market With The Victory SF Binoculars

    The optics giant Carl Zeiss Sports Optics is introducing yet another pair of undoubtedly bad-ass high-end binoculars to the market with the introduction of the new Victory SF model. The new binos will be available in both 8×42 and 10×42 depending on what you might need them to do. Bird watchers everywhere will rejoice, I’m lookin’ at you, Steve.

    The new binoculars have been developed to refine existing Zeiss designs for even more precise and smooth user input. The new design will include an additional click stop in the rotating eyecup giving users a total of four click-stop positions to choose from. The Victory SF will feature what Zeiss calls “SmartFocus” that keeps the common area of the focus wheel 1.8 revolutions from the minimum focusing distance to infinity allowing users to quickly get that bird/plane/pretty lady into focus fast.

    The image quality is no doubt outstanding like just about all other Zeiss optics. Just like all of their other high-end optics, the Victory SF will be made entirely in Germany at their Wetzlar production site.

    Obviously, the binoculars are good, why else would this man be grinning like a mad man. Either he has seen a very nice lesser kestrel or there was a pretty lady in the woods. (image taken from the Zeiss websitemagalog_victory_sf_stage_980x448

    You can learn more about the Zeiss Victory SF binoculars at Zeiss’ website here.