Tracking Point Featuring Crux Suppressors

    If you remember from a few months back, TFB helped to clarify a business relationship between Tracking Point and Dead Air Armament – apparently someone jumped the gun on advertising the Dead Air silencers before a deal between the two companies could be finalized. Luckily, they both parted ways on seemingly good terms. Moving ahead a few months, it seems as if Tracking Point has selected a new OEM silencer supplier to outfit their rifles: Crux Suppressors.

    From the Tracking Point product page:

    The CruxTM Silencer enables Precision-Guided Firearm users to covertly tag, track, and eliminate multiple targets without detection. The SAXON is optimized for TrackingPoint’s M600, M800, SA556, and SA762 Precision-Guided Firearms. The ARK30 is optimized for TrackingPoint’s 300NightHawk and 300Blackout. The ARK338is optimized for TrackingPoint’s Long Range 338 Lapua. All models are made of 100% Aerospace Grade Titanium providing light weight, superior sound reduction , reduced recoil, and record setting accuracy. Each PGF is equipped with a mating muzzle break that allows for easy attachment of the Crux silencer.

    From the Crux Suppressor product page:

    • Provide Superior Sound Reduction
    • Record Setting Accuracy
    • Reduced Recoil
    • Have Minimal to No Point of Impact (POI) Shift
    • Are Exact in Suppressor Attachment
    • Have no POI Shift between Serial Numbers and/or Models
    • Lightest Weight Super Magnum Rated Suppressors
    • Are Made of 100% Aerospace Grade Titanium
    • Have a Lifetime Warranty

    Details from the Tracking Point Crux specifications page:



    SAXON – $1495

    • Compatible with TrackingPoint models M600, NightEagle 5.56, and SA556 Precision-Guided
    • Firearms
    • 1.375″ OD
    • 7.5″ Length
    • 5.5″ Added
    • 10 oz
    • Native Caliber: .223 / 5.56mm


    ARK30 – $1495

    • Compatible with TrackingPoint models M800, NightDragon 7.62, XS2, XS3, 300NightHawk and 300Blackout Precision-Guided Firearms
    • Includes Stealth Kit software-upgrade thumb drive (note: Stealth Kit only needs to be installed one time regardless of number of stealth attachments added to a specific gun.)
    • 1.5″ OD
    • 7.5″ Length
    • 5.5″ Added
    • 12 oz
    • Native Caliber: .308 / 7.62mm


    ARK338 – $1695

    • Compatible with TrackingPoint models M1400, XS1, and XS4 Precision-Guided Firearms
    • 1.5″ OD
    • 7.5″ Length
    • 5.5″ Added
    • 12 oz
    • Native Caliber: .338

    According to the Templar Tactical page, which seems to be the distributor/dealer for Crux products, the prices for the silencers as listed on the Tracking Point website is about $200-$400 above the normal MSRP. We have emails out to both companies asking clarify a few minor details. We will update the story as the information comes in to TFB.

    UPDATE 1: Crux Response

    We are working with Tracking Point to deliver suppressors to their customers that are integrated with their platform.

    The Crux Suppressors have the Tracking Point logo also engraved on the suppressor and from the suppressor standpoint that is the only difference.

    From the Tracking Point stand point there is a lot of integration that has to happen. Every suppressor is tested and algorithms are built into the customer’s Tracking Point system so that it maintains complete accuracy, so the main differences in the packaged system is the integration on Tracking Point side and Crux Suppressor’s inherent technology. Without this integration or the use of a different suppressor would result in a different result down range. Due to Crux Suppressors’ repeatability, minimal point of impart shift, and accuracy traits it allows reliable integrations with the Tracking Point system.


    Tracking Point –

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    Crux Suppressors –

    Phone: 936-271-4867


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