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    PolyCase caught the attention of more than a few gun owners when they first began manufacturing their copper-polymer blend bullets, and now they’re expanding their line. While their ARX bullets – which have become increasing popular as other manufacturers such as Ruger use the bullets in their own rounds – are marketed for self-defense, the new addition is meant for training. It’s the PolyCase Sport Utility, and according to the company it’s the “perfect practice round”.

    The Sport Utility line is being launched in five calibers: .380 Auto, 9mm, .40 S&W, .45 Auto, and .38 Special. PolyCase is marketing their new ammunition as the ideal match for their existing Inceptor self-defense line. The company says the felt recoil and overall performance of Sport Utility is comparable to that of their Inceptor line. That’s certainly significant since it means a shooter could train with this new ammunition without concerns of whether or not time spent training will translate in a self-defense situation. After all, when you train with target rounds that perform differently than your chosen self-defense ammunition, you’re opening yourself up to a marked change in accuracy – especially during those all-important follow-up shots.

    Of course, perhaps the most important detail about PolyCase ammunition is its frangibility. Frangible ammunition is fantastic for steel-plate training, but it’s useful for far more than only that. When you use frangible rounds at the range there’s no worry of ricochet or splashback even on paper since the bullet will disintegrate the moment it impacts any object harder than itself. That means when it hits the backstop, it disintegrates. Close quarters training is significantly safer with frangible rounds as well. Speaking from extensive personal experience I’m comfortable stating PolyCase’s ammunition performs as promised, and then some. Ammunition that enables you to fire a .50 Beowulf rifle at an AR500 steel plate from a matter of feet, not yards, is ammunition with a vast number of applications.

    MSRP varies by caliber from $17.99 to $25.99 for a 50-round box.

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